About Us

Our Mission

Rex Polyextrusion Pvt. Ltd. is an enterprising organization which has a track record of introducing new innovations in the Indian Pipes Markets. We envisage and encourage the development and perfection of technologies available worldwide in the field so that they are applied with economic efficacy in the Indian Markets. We believe in principle of Efficiency, Quality, Utility, Acceptability, Transparency and Economic viability i.e. EQUATE


The Brand and The People :

Rex Polyextrusion Pvt. Ltd. has been making its presence felt in the piping industry for the past three decades. The company has played a key role in introduction of a variety of new products in the Indian Piping Industry with the sole motive of encouraging the application of superior user friendly and economic solutions. The manufacturing systems installed at Rex are extremely advanced and are based on state – of – the – art German equipment and extrusion process technology. The specific emphasis on quality production in combination with technical advancements, Rex offers a formidable range of products suitable for the Indian piping needs


Company Background :

The company in its past 3 decades is been involved in the introduction and manufacture of a range of products such as:

  • PVC Suction and Discharge Hoses
  • Single Wall Corrugated Pipes for Sub-Surface Drainage
  • Double Walled Corrugated Piping Systems for buried underground Communication / Power Cable Management
  • Plastic Sheathing Ducts for Post Tensioning for Flyovers and Bridges
  • Double Walled Corrugated Structured Wall Non-Pressured Underground Sewerage Drainage Applications
  • Polyolefin cable Channels for underground laying of Signal and Communication Lines on railway routes and in power plants and industrial installation.
  • Package Sewage Treatment Plants for effective management of sewage generated from communities.
  • Flat Belt type sub-surface drainage systems for agricultural, road drainage, foundation drainage and tunnel drainage application



Our Presence :

Factory Location

Rex Polyextrusion Pvt. Ltd. has two manufacturing units to cater to the needs of the clients in India as well as overseas. The primary manufacturing unit is situated at Kanadwadi, Sangli – Maharashtra while the second manufacturing unit is located at Sitarganj, Uttarakhand.