Sewerage and Stormwater

The Capsuled ANARBITS Technique

Introducton :

RexTP system is based on ANARBITS (Anaerobic Aerobic Biological Treatment System) technology, and is designed for POST SEPTIC TANK effluent treatment. However, in absence of a septic tank, the system design incorporates an internal fecal matter separation tank prior to the treatment of the supernatant in order to limit the energy and area requirement. The technology has been approved by Indian Institute of Technology Roorkie and the performance evaluation of the system has been carried out by National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal.


Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the System

RexTP is a Package Sewage Treatment Plant based on ANARBITS Technology. It is an extremely user – friendly system which combines the advantages of anaerobic and aerobic processes to deliver excellent quality treated water.

Available in capacities ranging from suitability for 50 people up to 1250 people in one single battery. For any additional capacity, multiple batteries can be supplied.

The main advantages of this system are as follow:

  1. CORROSION PROOF – Since the shell used as the reaction tank for RexTP is made from HDPE Material, the system is virtually corrosion proof, which is especially a major advantage in environments which have higher humidity and moisture contents.

  2. LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION – Since the system utilizes an anaerobic system followed by aerobic system, the energy consumption is reduced by 50% compared to the conventional systems.

  3. LOW AREA REQUIREMENT – The system is designed to be compact and area saving. Hence, even the largest unit catering to 1250 people occupies an area of 50 m2 at the most. The added advantage is that this unit can be installed UNDERGROUND. Hence, no dead space remains.

  4. ZERO CHEMICAL CONSUMPTION – Since the system is based on biological mode of treatment, once stabilized and in continuous use, this system does not require any type of chemical dosing. The only chemical phase is in the form of Ozonation, which is automatic in nature.

  5. SELF SUSTAINING SYSTEM – This system takes care of its processes provided that the incoming wastewater is consistent.

  6. EXCELLENT SHOCK LOADING CAPACITY – Since the system comprises of multiple point organic reduction, it handles shock loading effectively without hampering the output parameters.

  7. SIMPLE AUTOMATION FOR SEMI – AUTOMATIC WORKING: The system utilizes level sensor and timer-based mechanisms due to which the system energy is optimized to the best possible extent.

  8. SOLAR ENERGY BASED OPERATION: An alternative for solar energy-based operation is possible due to the low energy requirement of the system.

RexTP does not require continuous monitoring by skilled operators. Once in a day monitoring of system running and periodic (bi-weekly) monitoring of equipment health by a semi – skilled person is satisfactory to ensure the system performance.


Technical Features :

  • Suitable for treatment of sewage upto 150 m3/day in Compact Form
  • Process technology suitable for treatment of any volumes of sewage above 150 m3/day as well
  • Multi Stage Parameter reductions, resulting in better control of system
  • Treated water streams can be utilized for Gardening, Flushing and even for bathing and drinking on additional tertiary and advanced tertiary treatment provision
  • Can be installed underground, resulting in no space blockages
  • Designed for Semi-Automatic operation, but can be also designed for fully automated process control as well


On Site Installation :



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